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TNE United Express Fall 2021 Team Placements

Express United Mitchell 8th
  • Dashawn Barfield
  • Donnie Barfield
  • Torran Carter-Brown
  • Montae Geddings
  • Nic Ballenger
  • Zhyaire Partee
  • Lance Smith
  • Ro Scott
  • Bryce Johnson
Express United Parks 8th
  • Zakaih Miller
  • Ramon Wave
  • Jay Parks
  • Alec Lovely
  • Cain Hughes
  • Noah Narmi
  • Carson Mahnke
  • Jakyi Johnson
  • Amir K
  • Tony Smith
  • Devin Cobbs
Express United 8th II
  • Elijah Jackson
  • Reegan Hollingsworth
  • Antonio DeLeon
  • Marcus Jackson
  • Joeseph Haley
  • Ashton Vera
  • Wyatt Vera
  • Tariq Davis
Express United 8th III
  • Carter Sas
  • Easton Lieberman
  • Chris Walker
  • Lorenzo Reid 
  • Deion Harris
  • Tyion Hayes
  • Dontae McDowell

* If a player is not listed please contact us to be placed, we know some players didn't register.

Express United 7th
  • Evan Rodgers
  • Reegon Hollingsworth
  • Tristan James
  • Jack Jelinek
  • Elijah Jackson
  • Kobe Moseman
  • Conner Levinson
  • Robert Drake
  • Antonio DeLeon
Express United II 7th
  • Jason Cannon Jr
  • Robert Drake
  • Lorenzo Reed
  • Quentin Malone
  • Ma'Kye Burns
  • Kobe Moseman
  • Conner Levinson
  • Braydon Agbatchi
  • Andre Tarpley Jr
  • Kenny Cook
Express United 6th
  • Kenneth Cook
  • Kenny McMorris Jr
  • Anthony Scott Jr
  • Antonio Loftin
  • Boston Baxter
  • Braylen Cole
  • Jacob Obemeyer
  • Ben Lesley
  • Zaylen Rachow
Express United 6th II
  • Nyan Finister
  • Darion Dunn
  • Adryn Hollins
  • Elijah Middlebrook
  • Alex Toney
  • Shamarr Chambers
  • Anthony Morris
  • Bryson Thorpe
Express United 6th III
  • Paxton Rockwell
  • Jasper Huerta
  • Joseph Keyes II
  • Devaughn Griffin
  • Xavier Stennis
  • Car'Melo Estwick
  • Kyson 
Express United 5th
  • Anthony Morris
  • Bryson Thorpe
  • EJ Swindle
  • Samajai Critten
  • Noah Davis
  • Tay Thorpe
  • Jacob Dickey
Express United 4th
  • Teagan Cole
  • Mathius Flye
  • Henry Hillebrandt
  • Sean Jackson Jr
  • Jalen Falkner
  • Quincy McGary
  • Preston Moshier
  • DeAngelo Tate Jr
  • Adyn Nichols
Express United 4th II
  • Christian Bailey
  • Blayzn Baratta
  • Hayden Bradley
  • Josh Cannon
  • Jackson Chambers
  • Kam Connor
  • JayRion Garrison
  • Jordan Majestic
  • Talen Gochenour
  • Anthony Tanner
Express United 3rd
  • Lionel Avant
  • RaJon Bailey
  • Jamar Cotton
  • Carter Davis
  • Jacen Davis
  • Samahj Henderson
  • Kris Kuhn II
  • Demetrius Richardson
  • Kyaire Slaughter
  • DeAngelo Tate Jr
  • Quincy McGary
Express United 2nd
  • Ayden Ellis
  • Major Flye
  • Amere Grier
  • Amauri Grier
  • Kei’Von Lewis
  • Thaddeus Lucero-Minor
  • Mason Moshier
  • Jaxyn Nichols
  • Kaden Simms
  • Carmine Scott
  • Hudson Thomas
  • Dax Whitmore
Practice Time and Location
* Monroe Elementary enter through the back of the school
  • Monroe 6:00-7:30 7th I, 7th II
  • IWFH 6:00-7:30 K-2nd,3rd, 4th
  • McMillan 6:30-8:00 8th Parks, 8th II, 8th Mitchell
  • McMillan 6:30-8:30 All 7th-8th
  • Monroe 6:00-7:30 5th and 6th
  • IWFH 6:00-7:30 K-2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th

Boys TNE/Express United Teams

Alvin Mitchell
Fall 2021
Tuesdays: McMillan 6:30-8:00 | Wednesdays: McMillan 6:30-8:30

TNE United Basketball

The mission of the TNE United Basketball program is to organize and administer a highly competitive and developmental basketball program in a diverse environment that fosters athletic and social growth.

Players are given the opportunity to compete against teams at the state, regional and national levels and develop leadership skills, respect and relationships within a caring environment. We strive to challenge our players to reach their maximum potential in practice, games and in life.

During the summer, we make every effort to continue supporting our kids by providing them opportunities to compete against other players in the region and to foster relationships with positive adults through the sport of basketball. Our program has an active list of players totaling over one hundred and fifty kids throughout the state of Nebraska with various socioeconomic backgrounds.

The organization is defined by club director Alvin Mitchell and his philosophy of basketball and culture of the game. In addition to their leadership, they posses an outstanding ability of networking with tournament directors and researching the most appropriate locations for the best teams to compete against.

TNE Skills Camp

small group  handling, shooting, and skill development