Girls  Express United Rosters

To be the best, you have to play the best.
Girls Spring/Summer 2024

5th Grade – Coach Eric & Shanique Mitchell

  • Imari Youngblood
  • Tayla Brown
  • Hailey Ross
  • Kameryn Lambert
  • Omariya Vaillant
  • K’Zaryah Brown
  • Mari Cook

6th Grade – Coach Joe Nash

  • Tina Tcheuhchoua
  • Lochlyn Chambers
  • Lynden Chambers
  • Maya Smith
  • Macy combs
  • Aliyah Brown

7th Grade – Coach Charles Northcutt

  • Madeleine (Maddie) Litton
  • Tina Tcheuhchoua
  • Aaliyah Nero
  • Kennedy Davis
  • Maya Smith
  • Parker Sitzmann
  • La'Vehya Evans
  • Aaliyah Nero
  • Naazik Ban-Trave

8th Grade Team -

  • Georlene  Tcheuhchoua
  • Emerson
  • Abrielle Graves
  • Vallier Wiedemeier
  • Savannah Houston
  • Legaci McCray
  • Love Akohin

TNE United Basketball

The mission of the TNE United Basketball program is to organize and administer a highly competitive and developmental basketball program in a diverse environment that fosters athletic and social growth.

Players are given the opportunity to compete against teams at the state, regional and national levels and develop leadership skills, respect and relationships within a caring environment. We strive to challenge our players to reach their maximum potential in practice, games and in life.

During the summer, we make every effort to continue supporting our kids by providing them opportunities to compete against other players in the region and to foster relationships with positive adults through the sport of basketball. Our program has an active list of players totaling over one hundred and fifty kids throughout the state of Nebraska with various socioeconomic backgrounds.

The organization is defined by club director Alvin Mitchell and his philosophy of basketball and culture of the game. In addition to their leadership, they posses an outstanding ability of networking with tournament directors and researching the most appropriate locations for the best teams to compete against.

TNE Skills Camp

small group  handling, shooting, and skill development