Spring-Summer 2024 Team Rosters

To be the best, you have to play the best.
Boys Spring-Summer 2024

Express United 2nd

  • Aaron Evans
  • Sebastian Stuart
  • Christian Collins
  • Javier Shaw
  • Declan Jimenez-Creegan
  • Jeremiah Jones
  • Layland Smith
  • Dominic Colbert
  • Kenai Trenou

Express United 3rd

  • Dallas Camerlinck
  • Kaden Simms
  • Milo Stuart
  • Jaylin Ennis
  • Karmine Scott
  • Braden Thorpe
  • Aaron Evans

TNE 3rd

  • James Clarkson
  • Anthony McNair
  • Mason Moshier
  • Calvin Webb
  • Jax Nichols
  • Royal Shannon
  • Chrishon Bailey

Express United 4th

  • Ciaran Jimenez-Creegan
  • Marque Williams Jr
  • Ethan McLeay
  • Jordan Wubbels
  • Aidyn Coleman
  • Thomas Nelson
  • Jason Doss
  • Majour Flye

TNE 5th

  • Monroe Love
  • DeAngelo Tate  Jr                
  • Tyrus Jilg-Brown        
  • Paxton Hruska          
  • Jaxon Korth                  
  • Mason Smith        
  • Ranelle Perry
  • Loyal Giles
  • Jacoby Wyatt

Express United 5th

  • Mykah Cole
  • Layton Smith
  • Matthew Amalek
  • Corderro Hall
  • Mekhi Trenou
  • (4 players from TNE 5th will swing to fill roster)

TNE 6th

  • Ayden Nichols
  • Mason Morton
  • Teagan Cole
  • Ahnor Jackson
  • Atiyyah Sandlinel
  • Christian Bailey
  • Preston Moshier
  • Cameron Berry
  • Mathius Flye

TNE II 6th

  • *Caleb Gessford
  • *Joziah Lodu
  • Sean Jackson
  • Jalen Falkner
  • Traeson Adams
  • AJ Tanner
  • Ray Athipatla
  • Mason Bryant
  • Jeremiah Shaw
  • *Indicates will be asked to play TNE

Express United 6th

  • Markell Frampton
  • Christopher McCurry Jr
  • Ty'Mari Gipson
  • Anthony Watson
  • Jestun Haynie
  • Kyler Kirkland
  • Knox Baxter
  • (Some TNE II players will swing)

Express United 7th II

  • Zayden Cross
  • Reece Goodwin
  • Blake Doss
  • Anthony Brown
  • Jordan Cotton
  • Trae Hulett
  • Deron Kent
  • Jacob Dickey
  • Kevin Smith

Express United 7th

  • Aiden Stuart
  • Dre Jackson
  • Dre Mitchell
  • De'Juan Willis
  • Carl Balvanz
  • Estevon Quevedo
  • Titus Adams II
  • Noah Davis
  • Tay Thorpe
  • Greyson Schneider

TNE 7th

  • Kenton Kimble
  • John Harrison
  • Braylon Jackson
  • Bryson Thorpe
  • JD Jernigan
  • Landon Slate
  • Todd Shannon Jr
  • Tony Scott Jr
  • Khiairre Dortch
  • Anthony Morris

Express United 8th

  • Alejandro King Favela
  • Adrian Biegger
  • Dannel Bravo
  • Henry Drexel
  • Mitchell Stoakes
  • Sylus Olson
  • Travis Brown
  • Xavier Stennis
  • Carter Christinsen
  • Joe Lockett
  • Players need to email to accept a spot. If more than 10 players accept we will break into 2 teams.

Express United 8th TNE II

  • *Dee Williams
  • *Jacob Obermeyer
  • *Sam Dunn
  • *Jayden Roland
  • Landon Kerkman
  • Dre Tarpley
  • Preston Vossah
  • Jonah Lodu
  • Colston Kapels
  • Boston Baxter
  • * Indicates may be moved to TNE

Express United 8th TNE

  • Darien Jenkins
  • Ivan Bamaze
  • Jalen Partridge
  • Jayvis Johnson
  • Keyse Marion
  • Lee Robinson
  • Yasir Grixby
  • Adryn Hollins

TNE United Basketball

The mission of the TNE United Basketball program is to organize and administer a highly competitive and developmental basketball program in a diverse environment that fosters athletic and social growth.

Players are given the opportunity to compete against teams at the state, regional and national levels and develop leadership skills, respect and relationships within a caring environment. We strive to challenge our players to reach their maximum potential in practice, games and in life.

During the summer, we make every effort to continue supporting our kids by providing them opportunities to compete against other players in the region and to foster relationships with positive adults through the sport of basketball. Our program has an active list of players totaling over one hundred and fifty kids throughout the state of Nebraska with various socioeconomic backgrounds.

The organization is defined by club director Alvin Mitchell and his philosophy of basketball and culture of the game. In addition to their leadership, they posses an outstanding ability of networking with tournament directors and researching the most appropriate locations for the best teams to compete against.

TNE Skills Camp

small group  handling, shooting, and skill development